“There I was, holding my heart and offering while bleeding but I did not realize that he did not want to dirty his hands in pain and blood”

” Ahí estaba, agarrando mi corazón y ofreciéndoselo mientras sangraba, pero no me di cuenta de que el no quería ensuciarse las manos de dolor y sangre”

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7 Responses to HEART

  1. Once I had a heart who unexpectedly came to my life turn to tragic

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  2. Once I had a heart who unexpectedly came to my life and ended with a tragic climax. She was an angel. Every boys had an eye on her. Simply she is so fascinating, sounds like something special . I like her eyes long hairs etc etc. I wished to talk her several times but I think myself as an introvert and ashamed of to talk her. She was charming and always mingling with her best mates in the classroom.
    Classroom. Yes I am a student

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    • espehaleblog says:

      I am too a student. Sorry if my English is not good because I’m Spanish, so you are in love with a girl in your class, you sure are a incredible person, don’t be shame with her you and your personality are higher than another classmates.

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  3. Yes I was a student. I be leaved that I hadn’t enough qualities to get a single girl attention in my classroom . Moreover I was 5 or seven years aged than them and that put me in to the inferiority complex . Days gone.
    That was a bright day memorable till my death. I was hopeless till then who haven’t had a single affair in life, now something crushed that believes when I come across the glimpse of that beautiful eyes following me. Yes that was she my angel .
    The ambitious beautiful rich girl’s mind observing a stupid boy without let him know. What’s that special on me????? I puzzled.


  4. shrikantpw says:

    i once had a heart .. i gave it to her … she did care about it … then i dnt knw what happened… she don’t love me anymore… now i don’t want my heart back… i want her back..


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